Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Re-Cover a Clutch Purse


-         Clutch purse
-         Small screwdriver
-         Fabric for re-covering
-         Needle and thread

Time Commitment

 ~1-2 hours

How to Make it Happen:

Such a cute purse - but I wanted a different fabric

I was given this purse as a Christmas present – I love the style of the purse, but wanted a different fabric to cover it. Think of it as a mini-upholstery project!

Step 1 - Remove clasps

1) Use a small screwdriver to remove the small screws holding the metal clasps onto the purse- usually the purse itself has a cardboard base, so don’t try to rip the clasps off or you will have a horrible time trying to reattach them later. Set them aside and make sure not to lose the little screws.

Step 2 - Remove old fabric (try to keep it in one piece for use as a template)

2) Next, carefully cut off the old cover – as long as the padding underneath is still good, don’t mess with it. If you need to replace the padding, get some very thin foam or thick felt and cut it to size. This purse didn’t need new padding, so I just removed the cover.

Step 3 - Cut new fabric

3) Use the old cover as a template to cut out a new cover – in this case, I’m using a thin wool to recover the purse. Err on the larger side, since it’s easier to trim the fabric than trying to stretch it if you skimp on the size.

Step 4 - Sewing (the time consuming part)

4) Now that you have your new fabric, stitch it into place carefully. Start with one of the ends (where the clasps will go), then work down each side. Finish with the other end, keeping the fabric taut as you go. A thicker needle can make this step easier, just in case you have to make new holes through the cardboard. I use regular sewing thread, but heavy-duty thread will work too.

Step 5 - Stitching and trimming (the spool is just there to hold the purse open for the picture)

5) This picture shows the stitching for the last edge of the cover. At the bottom is the extra fabric at the other end (which needs to be trimmed flush with the purse before re-installing the clasps).

Step 6 - Replacing the clasps (spool is just to hold it open for the picture)

6) Carefully lever the clasps into place (making sure the fabric is secure under the clasp, not lose or poking out) and replace the screws to keep the clasp firmly attached to the purse.

Step 7 - Ta-da!

7) The finished purse!


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