Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Bottle Homemade Vanilla Extract

Baby Extract (Left) and Extract ready for bottling (Right)

As you can see above, the bottle on the right is ready for bottling – it’s dark and smells strongly of vanilla (just trust me on this)!


-         6 month old vanilla extract (see How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract)
-         Glass bottles and caps (I buy mine online in 4 oz versions- 2 oz bottles are better if you don’t use a ton of extract)
-         Funnel (I have a multi-size one, and use the small section for bottling and the large section for filtering)
-         Coffee Filters
-         Glasses (for filtering extract)
-         Optional – Bowl with spout (makes funneling easier)

Time Commitment:

 ~ 0.5- 1 hr, plus time to wash and dry bottles

How to Make it Happen:

1) Start by gathering your tools/supplies – I wash and dry my bottles and caps thoroughly, but you can also sanitize them if you wish. A 750 ml bottle of extract (minus some because space was needed for the vanilla beans) fills about six 4 ounce bottles.

Step 1 - Adventures in Bottle-washing
Step 1 (more stuff) - Assemble Team

2) Put a coffee filter in your funnel and place it over a glass. Pour the extract slowly into the filter, giving it time to drip through. This will get rid of the little vanilla bean shards - it also gets rid of the seeds, so if you want to keep them, use cheesecloth instead of a coffee filter.

Step 2 - Filtering

3) I like to use two glasses so I can bottle extract while more is filtering.
Step 3 - Tag Team Filtering

4) A bowl with a spout helps make bottling easier, but it’s not strictly necessary.  

Step 4 - Looks gross, but trust me, it smells amazing!

5) Place your funnel into a bottle and slowly pour the extract – make sure not to overfill the bottle or your kitchen will smell like vanilla for weeks!

Step 5 - Filling Bottles

6) After about half the bottle, I change the coffee filter. By this point it will have small bean pieces and lots of seeds stuck in it, and a fresh filter helps the process go faster. To change it, simply gather the edges of the filter and pull them together, twisting it into a little package. Gently squeeze the rest of the extract out of the filter, being careful not to put a hole in the filter (or you’ll get seeds and vanilla bean pieces in your extract).

Step 6 - If you're using cheesecloth, this doesn't apply to you

7) A row of finished bottles – now all that’s left is adding labels and enjoying your extract!

Step 7 - Finished Bottles

Here’s my finished bottles- I like to put a bottling date so I can tell which batch is which:

'Times Pirate' Vanilla Extract - Yes I like Rum/Pirate jokes...I am a nerd...


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