Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to make an 'Antique' Painted Wood Picture Frame


-         Wood Frame
-         Acrylic Paint
-         Sandpaper
-         Stain
-         Brushes (I use foam)
-         Polycrylic (my replacement for polyurethane)

Time Commitment:

 ~ 30 min – 1 hour (plus drying time)

How to Make it Happen:

1) Here are the materials I used- substitute sizes & materials as you like (as long as the frames are made of wood). Note that these are from my Hanging Sign Frame tutorial- this time I’m only going to finish one of the frames.

Step 1- Wood frames
2) Brush acrylic paint onto the frames- you don’t have to cover every square inch. Let the paint dry, then use sandpaper to rub sections of the paint off the frame. By sanding the frame to bare wood, you give places for the stain to soak into the wood.

Step 2- Paint and sand

3) Brush stain onto the frame, wipe away excess. The frame will have a dappled, distressed look. Let the stain dry, then coat with polycrylic (following manufacturer’s directions). Your frame is done!

Step 3- Add stain and seal


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